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Bird Bath Protector 4 ounces

Bird Bath Protector 4 ounces

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Ensures naturally clear water - Say goodbye to murky and dirty bird baths! Our all-natural enzymes safely and effectively break down stains, sludge, mineral deposits, and organic contamination in your birdbath. Keep the water inviting for your feathered friends with our Bird Bath Protector.

Safe for Birds, Pets, and Wildlife - We care about all creatures great and small. That's why our non-toxic formula is safe for birds, pets, and other wildlife. No need to worry about harmful chemicals when using our product.

Prevents stains and sludge - Let our product do the work for you! Simply add it to your birdbath and let it work its magic. With regular use, you'll notice a reduction in stains and sludge buildup in your birdbath. Keep it clean and inviting for all types of birds.

Non-toxic all natural enzymes - Unlike harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, our Bird Bath Protector uses only natural enzymes to keep your birdbath clean. It's gentle yet effective, making it a safe choice for both birds and humans alike. Give it a try today!
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