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Ethical/Spot Honeycomb Hammered Copper Bowl

Ethical/Spot Honeycomb Hammered Copper Bowl

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The perfect mix of style and function - This hammered copper bowl will elevate any kitchen decor and be a practical addition to your cooking routine. Made with a durable stainless steel interior, it can hold up to 3 quarts and features a non-slip bottom for added safety.

Ethical craftsmanship - We believe in ethical sourcing practices, which is why our honeycomb hammered copper bowl is made with the highest quality materials. From the sleek design to the precise attention to detail, you can feel good about adding this piece to your home.

Available in 3 sizes - Whether you need a small, medium, or large bowl for your culinary creations, we've got you covered. Each size is designed to meet all your mixing and serving needs, making it an essential tool for any chef or baker.

Easy to clean - Save time on cleaning with our hand-wash-only copper bowl. Use mild soap and warm water for a quick and effortless clean-up. Its beautiful design also makes it a stunning addition as a fruit or decoration bowl when not in use.
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