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Seed Tube Feeder

Seed Tube Feeder

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Attract a variety of beautiful birds - With the Backyard Essentials Seed Tube Feeder, you can enjoy watching an array of feathered friends come to your garden. From colorful Cardinals to lively finches, this feeder is designed to attract a diverse range of bird species.

Feed mixed blends and Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - Why limit yourself to just one type of seed? Our feeder is equipped to handle both mixed blends and Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, giving you the freedom to choose what types of birds you want to attract.

Specifically designed for Cardinals - This feeder comes with a specialized Cardinal Perch, making it easy for these stunning birds to feed comfortably. Now you can admire their vibrant red plumage up close while they enjoy a feast in your backyard.

Holds 4 cups of seed and contains 2 feeding ports - Let your backyard become the go-to spot for hungry birds with our generous feeder. Its large capacity holds up to 4 cups of seed, while the 2 feeding ports allow multiple birds to dine at once. No bird will be left hungry!

Quality design for long-lasting use - Our Seed Tube Feeder is crafted with durable materials that are built to withstand different weather conditions. So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your new feathered visitors flock to your garden daily.
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