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Fantastic Finch Premium Bird Seed 5lb bag

Fantastic Finch Premium Bird Seed 5lb bag

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Optimal attraction and health - Our premium bird seed is specially designed to attract a variety of songbirds while providing them with the essential nutrients they need. No fillers or artificial ingredients, just all natural goodness for your feathered friends.

All natural ingredients - We believe in providing only the best for our birds, which is why we use high-quality Nyjer Thistle Seed and Fine Sunflower Chips in our Fantastic Finch 2 blend. Say goodbye to cheap filler seeds that just end up on the ground.

Attracts a variety of birds - This blend is perfect for attracting beautiful songbirds such as purple finches, American goldfinches, buntings, and more. Watch as your backyard becomes a hub for colorful and lively bird activity.

Healthy and happy birds - Not only does our bird seed attract a wide range of birds, but it also provides them with important vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Keep your feathered friends well-fed and content with Fantastic Finch 2 Premium Bird Seed.
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