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Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeder

Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeder

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Protecting nature, one feeder at a time- Our Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeder is the perfect choice for eco-conscious bird lovers. Made from recycled materials and finished in a beautiful Hunter Driftwood color, this feeder will blend seamlessly into any backyard.

For all types of birds - Whether you're a fan of finches or cardinals, our feeder will attract them all! With a capacity of 1.5 quarts (small) or 2.5 quarts (large), it's ideal for feeding a variety of feathered friends.

Loving nature the green way - Show your love for nature by choosing an environmentally friendly option. This feeder is made from recycled plastic, reducing waste and promoting sustainable living. A small change that can make a big impact!

Easy to clean and disinfect - Keeping your feeder clean is important for the health of your feathered visitors. Our feeder features a simple design that makes cleaning and disinfecting a breeze. Now you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of birds in your yard.
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