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Shell Free Patio Mix Premium Bird Seed 5lb bag

Shell Free Patio Mix Premium Bird Seed 5lb bag

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Designed for optimal songbird attraction and health - Made with all natural ingredients and no fillers, our Premium Bird Seed is perfect for attracting a wide variety of songbirds to your patio or backyard. Enjoy the sights and sounds of colorful finches, chickadees, cardinals, woodpeckers, and more with every scoop!

Shell free for easy feeding - Tired of dealing with messy shells? Our Shell Free Patio Mix makes it easier than ever to feed your feathered friends without the hassle of cleaning up discarded shells. Simply pour into a feeder or scatter on the ground for a convenient and mess-free feeding experience.

Irresistible blend of sunflower meats, hulled millet, peanut pieces, tree nuts, and pumpkin seed kernels - This premium mix provides all the essential nutrients and energy songbirds need to thrive. Plus, our special blend will have them coming back for more! Watch as beautiful birds flock to your feeder.

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