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Sunflower Kernel Collapsible Diamond Mesh Feeder

Sunflower Kernel Collapsible Diamond Mesh Feeder

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Cling and perch - Attract a variety of songbirds with our Sunflower Kernel Collapsible Diamond Mesh Feeder. Its versatile design allows for both clinging and perching, so you can enjoy watching a wide range of birds feeding in your yard.

Large removable roof - Don't let rain or snow ruin your bird-watching experience! Our feeder's large removable roof keeps the seed and birds dry, ensuring they'll keep coming back to your yard for more tasty treats.

Simple yet effective design - Sometimes less is more, and that's definitely the case with our collapsible mesh feeder. Its simple design is easy to use and clean, making it a favorite among both customers and birds.

Expandable storage - No need to worry about finding extra space to store your feeder when not in use. Simply collapse it down to its 13 inch height for convenient storage until you're ready to set it up again. Holds up to 1 pound of seed.
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