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Bird with Moving Wings Animal Toy

Bird with Moving Wings Animal Toy

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Hyperactive fun for your pup - Keep your furry friend entertained with our 18" Bird with Moving Wings Dog Toy! Designed with a squeaker and movable parts, this toy will keep your dog's energy focused and engaged. Perfect for those high-energy breeds or any pooch looking to get their playtime on!

More than just a toy - This isn't just another boring dog toy. Our Bird with Moving Wings is available in over a dozen fun and playful styles, making it the perfect addition to your pup’s toy collection. Let their imagination soar as they play and interact with this unique animal-shaped toy.

Quality meets durability - Made from durable materials, this bird toy can withstand rough play and chewing without getting damaged easily. So go ahead, let your dog shake, tug, and chase to their heart's content without worrying about constantly replacing toys.

Playful bonding time - Playing with your pup isn't just about keeping them entertained. It's an important bonding activity that strengthens the relationship between you and your furry companion. Plus, who can resist the pure joy on their face when they have their favorite toy in hand (or mouth)?
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