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Clinger's Candy Premium Bird Seed 5lb bag

Clinger's Candy Premium Bird Seed 5lb bag

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All natural with no fillers - Help your feathered friends thrive with our premium bird seed blend! Made without any fillers, our Clinger's Candy is packed with high-quality ingredients like peanuts, sunflower meats, and pumpkin seeds to attract a variety of songbirds.

Optimal songbird attraction and health - This is not your average bird seed mix. Our Premium Bird Seed is designed specifically to attract and support the health of songbirds. Treat your winged visitors to a gourmet meal that will keep them returning for more.

Perfect for a variety of birds - With a combination of different nuts and seeds, our Clinger's Candy can attract various types of birds, such as nuthatches, woodpeckers, titmice, and more. Enjoy watching a colorful array of feathered friends in your backyard.

Plus, with no fillers or waste, you'll be saving money while still providing the best for your backyard birds.

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