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Collapsible Mesh Feeder

Collapsible Mesh Feeder

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Cling and perch in style with our Collapsible Mesh Feeder! The perfect way to attract songbirds to your yard, this feeder features a large roof that keeps both the seed and birds dry from rain and snow. Plus, its simple design makes it easy for you to fill and clean. And when not in use, collapse it for convenient storage.

Calling all bird lovers! Our Collapsible Mesh Feeder is a must-have for your backyard. Designed for clinging and perching songbirds, this feeder features a large roof to protect against rain and snow. Its collapsible design makes it perfect for all seasons - just fill, hang, and enjoy watching your feathered friends feast.

Upgrade your bird-feeding game with our Collapsible Mesh Feeder. Not only does it attract beautiful songbirds to your yard, but its durable design can withstand any weather conditions. And when you're done admiring the birds' colorful plumage, easily collapse the feeder for hassle-free storage. You'll love how effortless feeding becomes with this feeder!


Small holds 1 lb of seed 

Large holds 2.5 lbs of seed 

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